uploaded Body Count's In The House (special version w/ a different mix music video at last
(turns out that for the past 10 years, a copy with CD audio was up)

highly informative new Ernie C interview + article at Guitar World

30 years ago today, "Body Count" (the debut album) was released

best news of the year: Body Count have started working on "Merciless"

best news of the year 2021: Body Count to begin work on new album "Merciless"

out now: The Hate is Real music video

fixed "Cop Killer" mp3 download

official BC merchandise

coming soon: music video for "The Hate is Real" made by YOU! (contest)

must watch: Ice-T telling the story of BC for Revolver magazine, Parts 1 & 2

+ a little self-promotion: the Ice-T discography project

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