2018 Europe tour dates

Civil War music video (footage from the Loudwire performance) featuring Dave Mustaine

This Is Why We Ride music video

added Ice-T's original "Here I Go Again (Demo)" mp3 :-)

Raining Blood/Postmortem 2017 music video

Here I Go Again music video

The Ski Mask Way music video

reworked many (older) lyrics and tablatures

added pretty much all credits (from and lyrics (from

added "No Lives Matter" tabs, most lyrics (thanks to some good people (users!) at and some "Bloodlust" credits (thanks in part by AllMusic)

sorry for the lack of updates, but nowadays Ice T on his social networks and Century Media's PR department are just faster than me =)
anyway: "Bloodlust" is out now, so go buy it... previously: "Black Hoodie" music video

"No Lives Matter" digital single and music video are out now just launched

there will be a music video for each and every one of the 11 tracks on "Bloodlust" (thanks w.)

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