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studio albums, both solo and group efforts

Ice-T - Rhyme Pays, 1987 Ice-T - Power, 1988 (The) Iceberg - Freedom Of Speech... Just Watch What You Say, 1989 Ice-T - O.G.: Original Gangster, 1991 Body Count - Body Count, 1992 group with Ernie C and others; + re-released version without "Cop Killer" Ice-T - Home Invasion, 1993 + bonus disc "The Last Temptation Of Ice" w/ remixes and extra tracks, 1994/+ bonus track "Imagine That" on the digital edition, 2019 Body Count - Born Dead, 1994 Ice-T - VI: Return Of The Real, 1996 + bootlegged demo/advanced/promotional original version, 9 extra tracks, 1996 Body Count - Violent Demise: The Last Days, 1997 with Japanese bonus track "The Law" Ice-T - Seventh Deadly Sin, 1999 Analog Brothers - Pimp to Eat, 2000 group with Kool Keith, Black Silver, Marc Live SMG (Sex, Money and Gunz) - Repossession, 2003 group with Smoothe da Hustler and Trigger da Gambler Body Count - Murder 4 Hire, 2006 (The) Iceberg - Gangsta Rap, 2006 + deluxe version incl. 2 bonus tracks, 2008 Black Ice - Urban Legends, 2008 duo with Black Silver Body Count - Manslaughter, 2014 Body Count - Bloodlust, 2017 + deluxe versions incl. 2 (US) or 5 (EU) bonus tracks, 2019 Body Count - Carnivore, 2020 + deluxe version incl. 3 bonus tracks and instrumentals disc Body Count - Merciless, 2023 May update: vocals have been finished


Ice-T - The Coldest Rap b/w Cold Wind-Madness, 1983 produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Ice-T - Congo Rap b/w Too Cold, 1983 Ice-T - Reckless b/w Tibetan Jam, 1984 from the soundtrack to "Breakin'" Ice-T - The Hottest Beat b/w The Coldest Rap, 1984 Ice-T - Killers b/w Body Rock, 1984 Ice-T - Ya Don't Quit b/w Dog'n The Wax, 1985 Spinmasters - Brothers, 1985 as The Spin Masters, produced by Below Zero Prod./Dave Storrs; co-written with Ice-T Ice-T - Dog'n The Wax (Ya Don't Quit-Part II) b/w 6 N The Morning, 1986 Afrika and The Zulu Kings - The Beach, 1986 short lived group: Afrika Islam/Ice-T/Melle Mel/Bronx Style Bob Afrika and The Zulu Kings - Cars, 1987 Ice-T - Make It Funky, 1987 Ice-T - Somebody Gotta Do It (Pimpin Ain't Easy) b/w Our Most Requested Record, 1987 Ice-T - Colors, 1988 Ice-T - High Rollers, 1988 Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher, 1988 Ice-T - The Hunted Child, 1988 Hugh Harris with Ice-T - Alice, 1989 dance track Ice-T - Heartbeat (7" Remix Edit), 1989 Ice-T - The Girl Tried To Kill Me, 1989 Ice-T - Lethal Weapon b/w Heartbeat, 1989 Ice-T - You Played Yourself, 1989 Rhyme Syndicate - What Ya Wanna Do, 1989 Hijack - The Badman Is Robbin, 1989 Ice-T does not rap, but he remixed "Hold No Hostage" & "Doomsday Of Rap" on this The West Coast Rap All-Stars - We're All In The Same Gang, 1990 featured artists Curtis Mayfield and Ice-T - Superfly '90, 1990 Everlast - The Rhythm featuring Ice-T, Donald D, N'Dea Davenport, 1990 Quincy Jones - Listen Up (Remixes), 1990 featured artists Ice-T - Mind Over Matter, 1990 Ice-T - Dick Tracy, 1990 Ice-T - Midnight (Evil Edit), 1990 or 1991; promotional single, new mix featuring ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland Ice-T - Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous, 1990 incl. DJ Premier remix Ice-T - O.G. Original Gangster, 1991 Ice-T - New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme), 1991 Ice-T - Ricochet, 1991 Black Uhuru with Ice-T - Tip Of The Iceberg, 1991 Ice-T - Fly By b/w Body Count - The Winner Loses, 1992 Body Count - The Radio EP, 1992 promotional EP Body Count - There Goes The Neighborhood, 1992 Body Count - The Winner Loses/KKK Bitch/There Goes The Neighborhood, 1992 Ice-T and Ice Cube - Trespass, 1992 Ice-T and Ice Cube - The Looters, 1992 "Tresspass" original version, released digitally ca. 2011 Ice-T - Gotta Lotta Love, 1993 Ice-T - Race War (Assassin Remix), 1993 Ice-T - Thats How I'm Livin' b/w 99 Problems, 1993 Ice-T - I Ain't New Ta This, 1993 Ice-T - Ice-A-Mix, 1993 bootleg? Body Count - Hey Joe, 1993 Body Count - Born Dead Album Medley, 1994 promotional EP Body Count - Born Dead, 1994 Body Count - Necessary Evil, 1994 Motörhead with Ice-T and Whitfield Crane - Born To Raise Hell, 1994 Afrika Islam and Ice-T - Afrika Jam, 1996 Ice-T - Bouncin Down The Strezeet b/w Get My Cash On, 1996 Ice-T - The Lane, 1996 Ice-T - Where It Goes Down b/w Pimp Anthem, 1996 Ice-T - I Must Stand, 1996 Body Count - Violent Demise: The Last Days Clean Mixes, 1997 promotional EP DJ Polo and Ice-T - Suzy Rose, 1998 dance track Players (Smoothe Da Hustler, Ice-T, Positive K) - Gettin' It On, 1998 Ice-T - Exodus, 1999 Ice-T - Valuable Game, 1999 Ice-T - Greatest Hits: The Evidence 4 Clean Tracks, 2000 promotional EP Ice-T - Money, Power, Women, 2000 Analog Brothers - 2005 A.D., 2000 << from here onwards, "singles" are mostly one track digital singles available on streaming services >> Body Count - Sanity, 2000 free/128kbps download, from the game "Sanity: Aiken's Artifact" King Sun, Ice-T, Kool Mike Ski, Celph Titled - Pimp, 2001 aka "Pimpin on a Bitch" Liroy with Ice-T - World iz A Ghetto, 2001 rapper from Poland; promotional single DJ Tomekk with Ice-T, Sandra Nasic, Trigga Da Gambler - Beat Of Life, 2002 J-Ro presents Ice-T, Xzibit, Kurupt, Mac Mall, King T, Daz Dillinger, E-Swift - Get On Down, 2003 promotional single Chili Mac, Ice-T, Rakim - Game of Life, 2005 obscure track, source unknown; year is estimated Nas - Where Are They Now? (West Coast Remix featuring Ice-T, King Tee, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Breeze, Kam, Deadly Threats, Conscious Daughters), 2007 F.I.L.T.H.E.E., Ice-T, Grandmaster Caz - Ayayaya, 2008 there are several mixes of this track; year is estimated Ice-T and Kool Moe Dee - Darc Fight Club, 2009 Body Count - The Gears Of War, 2011 from the game "Gears Of War 3" Certified and Ice-T - Cake, 2011 DJ Supreme, Icepick, Ice-T - Arctic II, 2017 Ice-T - Colors (Mr. X Remix), 2018 Ice-T and Charlie Funk - Bounce That Ass, 2018 REBEL, Ice-T, Nikki Malone - They Do, 2018 Khao, Nipsey Hussle, Snoop Dogg, The Game, E-40, Ice-T, Mozzy, Problem, G Perico - Unified, 2019 Bossolo - I Am Legend featuring Ice-T, 2019 Ice-T - Too Old For The Dumb Shit ('Feds in My Rearview' pre- or sequel), 2019 Schoolly D, Chuck D, Ice-T, Sid Wilson, Phil Nicolo - The Real Hardcore b/w Thang Mix, 2019 Hijack and Ice-T - Lockdown, 2020 music video only M Dot Taylor, AD, Glasses Malone - Tap In, 2020 answering machine intro by Ice-T Zieme - Take A Stand, 2020 answering machine intro by Ice-T Mr. Loco aka Loc Da Smoke, Ice-T, D.L.E.MM.A, Penn St8 - Check Ya Game (Anno Domini Mix), 2021 Glasses Malone, Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Ty Dolla $ign - 6 N The Morning (GMX), 2021 Big Caz and Slash - Hood Hop (Remix featuring Ice-T), 2021 G. Battles, Ice-T, B.G. Knocc Out - Keep It Gangsta, 2021 Big Caz and Ice-T - Chalked Out, 2021 Rappin' 4-Tay, Ice-T, Vinnie Paz, Lazy Dubb, Mr. Nickel, Necro - OG Gangsta Shit, 2021 Ice-T and Big Caz - Colors (Remix), 2022 Prince AK - Have Nots featuring Ice-T, 2022 Bossolo - I Am Legend (Steve Vicious Remix) featuring Ice-T, 2022 Megadeth - Night Stalkers featuring Ice-T, 2022 Rj Payne - Bulletz and Broken Glass featuring Bun B and Ice-T, 2022 Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Chuck D, Ice-T, DJ Jazzy Jeff - Me and My Microphone, 2022 produced by Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxxx Rappin' 4-Tay, Ra The Rugged Man, Chuck D, Ice-T, Oldominion - Playaz Circle, 2023

instrumental albums

Ice-T - Below Utopia: The Lost Score, 1998 unused original instrumental music for a film starring Ice-T Mr. X - HipHop DJs Don't Play Techno, 2018 Afrika Islam's alter ego; electronic/dance/techno-ish music, entirely produced by Ice-T and Afrika Islam Mr. X - It Came From Space, 2018 also incl. the "Colors" remix Mr. X - Remixes and Remakes (EBE Nation), 2018

compilations and mixtapes/EPs

Ice-T - The Classic Collection, 1993 early 80s tracks, licensed via Rhino Ice-T - Cold As Ever, 1996 early 80s tracks, bootleg Ice-T - The Early Years, 1997 early 80s tracks, bootleg DJ Aladdin featuring Ice-T and West Coast Rydaz - $port Ya Vest In Tha West, 1997: original tracks "Down With Us" with LP and "What Really Goes On" aka The West Coast Rydaz 12", 1998 Ice-T - Greatest Hits: The Evidence, 2000 incl. new track "Money, Power, Women" TR Love and Ariel Caban - Da Beat Terrorist vs. The Cartel (DJ Junkaz Lou Mixtape), 2008: incl. "The 7th", 2 remixes and the new track "Pray" Ice-T - Greatest Hits, 2014 seems remastered

soundtracks and original contributions on compilation albums

Breakin' Soundtrack, 1984: "Ice-T - Reckless" Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo Soundtrack, 1984: "Ice-T - Go Off featuring Afrika Islam, Ernie C, Dave Storrs, The Glove" only plays in the film; copies Run DMC's "Rock Box" concept Rhyme Syndicate - Comin' Through, 1988: "Rhyme Syndicate - What Ya Wanna Do" Ice-T and Bilal Bashir produced pretty much all tracks on this Superfly '90 Soundtrack, 1990: "Curtis Mayfield and Ice-T - Superfly 1990" Quincy Jones - Listen Up (The Lives Of Quincy Jones), 1990: "Documentary All-Stars - Listen Up" featured artists; also released as a remix single The Planet Raps Back, 1990 "All-Stars - Workin' Together" "Earth Day" special on TV w/ Quincy Jones, Fresh Prince, Tone Loc, Queen Latifah, Ice-T, Kid N Play, Heavy D New Jack City Soundtrack, 1991: "Ice-T - New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme)" Trespass Soundtrack, 1992: "Ice-T - Depths of Hell featuring Daddy Nitro" & "Ice-T and Ice Cube - Trespass" Stone Free (Jimi Hendrix tribute album), 1993: "Body Count - Hey Joe" Judgment Night Soundtrack, 1993: "Slayer and Ice-T - Disorder" The Exploited cover medley Tank Girl Soundtrack, 1995: "Ice-T - Big Gun" One Million Strong - The Album, 1995: "Where Ya At? + Extended Version" Ice-T, Ice Cube, Kam, Mobb Deep, Da Smart, Insane, Shorty, Smooth B, Chuck D, RZA, Killah Priest, Jimmy "JT" Thomas The Lawhouse Experience, 1997: "Ice-T - Your Hustle Ain't On" produced by Derrick McDowell and Laylaw, reissued in 2015 A Tribute to Prince - Party o' the Times, 1999: "Ice-T - Head" Siccmade Muzicc presents Head Drama Da Concoction, 2000: "Ice-T - Casualties" & "Brotha Lynch Hung - Business (produced by Ice-T)" WWF Aggression Soundtrack/Theme Songs, 2000: "Ice-T - Pimpin' Ain't Easy (Godfather Theme)" new version Rise Above - 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three, 2002: "Ice-T - Police Story" Black Flag cover Ice-T presents Pimps and Players, 2002: "Ice-T, Smoothe Da Hustler, Positive K - Getting It On" Still More Bounce (Roger Troutman Tribute), 2003: "Ice-T, Xzibit, Kurupt, Mac Mall, King Tee - Get On Down" & "Ice-T - Skit" Ice-T presents Pimpin 101, 2003: "SMG - Swazy" Pimp my Mixtape hosted by Sunny (Hot97) and Ice-T, 2004: "SMG - We Gotta Survive" & "SMG - Listen to a Player" also featuring 12 spoken word interludes Stairway To Rock - (not Just) a Tribute to Led Zeppelin, 2003: "Chris Gavin and Ice-T - No Quarter" Ice-T presents Pimp Penal Code, 2006: Ice-T interviewing real-life pimps, w/ original intrumental pieces Venom Media presents The Deal Show Soundtrack, 2006: "MC Ren - The Deal featuring Ice-T, Master P, Rakim" spoken word Final Level Compilation, ca. 2013: several unknown tracks Punk Goes Pop 6, 2014: "Upon A Burning Body and Ice-T - Turn Down For What" Lil Jon cover Justiceville Theme Song Compilation, 2018: "Ice-T - Justiceville (Rap Version)" digital only; recorded in 1987 for a TV special Legends Recordings Group presents The Foundation, 2019: "Ice-T - Feds in My Rearview" & "Ice-T, M. Dot Taylor, C.O.C, Glasses Malone, King Tee, Breeze, Young Ham, Feddie Demarco - Red or Blue"

album guest appearances

Donald D - Notorious, 1989: "Lost in a Freestyle featuring Ice-T" & "Syndicate Posse featuring Ice-T" Quincy Jones - Back On The Block, 1989: "Back on the Block featuring Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T, Kool Moe Dee, Melle Mel" Everlast - Forever Everlasting, 1990: "The Rhythm featuring Ice-T, Donald D, N'Dea Davenport" Jane's Addiction - A Cabinet of Curiosities, 1991: "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey featuring Ice-T and Ernie C" Sly and the Family Stone live cover, released 2009 Black Uhuru - Iron Storm, 1992: "Tip Of The Iceberg featuring Ice-T" + two versions on "Iron Storm Dub" 2Pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z., 1993: "Last Wordz featuring Ice Cube and Ice-T" Terminator X - Super Bad, 1994: "Chuck D, Ice-T, Ice Cube, MC Lyte - Sticka" South Central Cartel - 'N Gatz We Truss, 1994: "Gangsta Team featuring Big Prodeje, 2Pac, Ice-T, MC Eiht, Spice 1" South Central Cartel - Murder Squad Nationwide, 1995: "No Peace featuring Murder Squad, Ice-T, Powerlord Jel, Spice 1, Ant Banks, Boss, Treach" Black Sabbath - Forbidden: "The Illusion Of Power featuring Ice-T" album produced by Ernie C, of the original lineup only featuring Tony Iommi Raw Breed - Killa Instinct, 1996: "Welcome To My World featuring Ice-T and Tim Dog" & "Jungle Creed (Skit) featuring Ice-T" initially unreleased, dropped ca. 2010 Spice-1 - The Black Bossalini, 1997: "Recognize Game featuring Ice-T" Brotha Lynch Hung - Loaded, 1997: "Secondz a Way featuring Ice-T" Ant Banks - Big Thangs, 1997: "Gamblin' wit Ice-T" H-Bomb - Narcissism, 1997: "Choose Fee featuring Ice-T" Frost - When Hell.A. Freezes Over, 1997: "Loco featuring Ice-T" PSK-13 - Born Bad?, 1997: "Big Playaz featuring Ice-T, Klondike Kat, DJ Blast" E-A-Ski - Earthquake, 1997: "Player Haters featuring Ice-T" this was actually never released Da' K.A.T. - Still Subbin', 1998: "Roll Wit Gees featuring Ice-T" Rhyme Poetic Mafia - The Root Of All Evil, 1998: "Word To The Wise featuring Ice-T and Kurupt" also featuring some unidentified child 2 Live Crew - The Real One, 1998: "Luke and Ice-T - The Real One" Drunken Master - Drunkenstyle (The Mix Tape Album), 1999: "We Be Fuckin' featuring Ice-T" spoken word Tash - Rap Life, 1999: "Skit featuring Ice-T" spoken word (Big) Caz - Thundadome, 2000: "U A Thug? featuring Ice-T, Layzie Bone, MFS" later re-released as "Pretty Boys", "Throw It Up" etc. Insane Clown Posse - Psychopathics from Outer Space, 2000: "Dead End featuring Ice-T" DJ Yutaka - United Nations, 2000: "The Game is Change featuring Ice-T" Ant Banks presents T.W.D.Y - Lead The Way, 2000: "Shut Up featuring Too Short and Ice-T" Six Feet Under - True Carnage, 2001: "One Bullet Left featuring Ice-T" 187 - Furious, 2001: "Colors 2000 featuring Ice-T" updated rock version of the track DJ Screw - The Legend, 2001: "Ice-T - I Ain't Hating" slowed down Fredro Starr - Firestarr, 2001: "One Night featuring Begetz, Ice-T, Mieva, Versatile" Goldie Lookin Chain - Chains Addiction, 2001: "GLC Parental Warning featuring Ice-T" Liroy - Bestseller, 2001: "World iz A Ghetto (Club Mix featuring GERM and Ice-T)" Guru - Baldhead Slick And Da Click, 2001: "Underground Connections featuring Ice-T and Suspectz" Mobb Deep - Free Agents/The Murda Mixtape, 2002: "This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive/intro featuring Ice-T" spoken word Nore - God's Favorite, 2002: "Hit Me Slime (Anwsering Machine Skit) featuring Ice-T, Mike Kyser, Nas, Nelly, Tyson Beckford" spoken word King T - The Kingdom Come, 2002: "Intro featuring Ice-T and FredWreck" spoken word Tony Touch - The Piece Maker 2, 2003: "Ice-T, J-Ro, Kurupt - East West Connect" Muskabeatz - Muskabeatz, 2003: "Ice-T - Untitled" skater turned producer Muskabeatz' only release Prince Paul - Politics Of The Business, 2003: "Politics of the Business featuring Chuck D and Ice-T" something spoken word-y, skit-ish Aki-La - Living On My Rough Street, 2003: "City of Angeles featuring Ice-T" female singer from Japan; it really says Angeles, not Angels Frost - Something For The Riders, 2003: "Tears Of a Mother featuring Ice-T" Hazy Dreams - (Not Just) A Jimi Hendrix Tribute, 2003: "Little Wing featuring Ice-T" Marc Live - Validation/Attack of the Grunge, 2004: "Showbiz Shit Skit featuring Ice-T" & "The Last Gangsters featuring Ice-T" Triple Seis - Time'll Tell, 2004: "Coast 2 Coast featuring Terror Squad and Ice-T" Icepick - Violent Epiphany, 2006: "Real Recognizes Real featuring Ice-T, Roger Miret, All Barr, Freddy Madball" Jamey Jasta/Danny Diablo project Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone - Blowin' Up, 2006: "Message from Iceberg featuring Ice-T and Coco" spoken word Messy Marv - Gettin' That Guac, 2006: "On da Corner featuring Ice-T" Kool Keith - Collabs Tape, 2006: "Ice-T - Freestyle" Dujeous - Game 7, 2007: "Ice-T - Speaks (Skit)" spoken word E-40 - The Ball Street Journal, 2008: "Earl featuring Ice-T" Marc Live - Operation Infinite Grit, 2008: "Compton Brooklyn featuring SMG" Deams - The Legacy Remixed (Single), 2009: "Underground (The Gambit Remix) featuring Ice-T" Ras Kass - ADIDAS (Mixtape), 2010: "Mind Control featuring Ice-T and Wais P" Smoothe Da Hustler - Violenttimes Day 2, 2011: "That's How I Get Down featuring Ice-T and Boogie" Blokkmonsta - Roboblokk, 2012: "Double OG" & "Remix" both featuring Ice-T Mr Sche - That Pimp Shyt, 2012: "Step ya Game Up featuring Marc Live and Ice-T" Ras Kass - Barmageddon, 2013: "Get Yo' Money Right featuring Too Short, Dina Rae, Black Ice (Ice-T and Black Silver)" Fabrizio Sotti - A Few Possibilities, 2014 "Another Brick in the Wall featuring Res, Ice-T, M1" Pink Floyd cover, sort of Cold187um - The BlackGodfather, 2016: "I'll B Gone featuring Big Gipp and Ice-T" O.G. Benny SAN - O.G. Benny SAN, 2016: "Back2thaNewJack featuring Ice-T" rapper from Germany DJ Kay Slay - The Big Brother, 2017: "Ice-T and Kool G Rap - HipHop Icons" Skinny - Late Night Blvd (EP), 2017: "6:00 AM featuring Ice-T" Public Enemy - Nothing Is Quick In The Desert, 2017: "Smash The Crowd featuring PMD and Ice-T" Raw Breed Productions - The Demo Deal 1992-1994, 2018: "Domination featuring Krashman, Ice-T, Sudan" Madball - For The Cause, 2018: "Evil Ways featuring Ice-T" Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - Godfather's Top Picks, 2018: "Celebrate featuring Ice-T, Kid Frost, Ice Cube, King Tee" recorded 1991 as evidenced in Cube's verse Beauty In Chaos - Finding Beauty In Chaos, 2018: "Un-Natural Disaster featuring dUg Pinnick and Ice-T" Callejon - Hartgeld im Club, 2019: "Porn from Spain featuring K.I.Z and Ice-T" & remixes by BastiBasti and Actionhorn metalcore from Germany Beauty In Chaos - Beauty Re-Envisioned, 2019: "Un-Natural Disaster (Collide Mix) featuring Zakk Wylde, dUg Pinnick and Ice-T" The Mighty Mocambos - 2066, 2019: "Bounce That Ass featuring Ice-T and Charlie Funk" funk version of the techno track R.A. The Rugged Man - All My Heroes Are Dead, 2020: "The Slayers Club featuring Ice-T, M.O.P, Vinnie Paz, Chino XL, Onyx, Chris Rivers, Brand Nubian" Public Enemy - What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down?, 2020: "Smash The Crowd featuring PMD and Ice-T" a slightly shorter version of the 2017 track DJ Kay Slay - Homage, 2020: "Rolling 50 Deep" 17 minute track featuring 50 MCs Nasty Nel - It Came From the Everglades, 2020: "Get Down That Way featuring Ice-T and Planet Asia" Ras Kass - I'm Not Clearing Shxt, 2020: "Level Up featuring Ice-T and Kool Keith" DJ Kay Slay - Accolades, 2021: "Rolling 110 Deep" 39 minute track featuring 109 MCs Lalo the Don - Til the Break of Don, 2021: "Media Hype featuring Ice-T" Mr. Loco aka Loc Da Smoke - Old School A.F., 2021: "Check Ya Game (O.S.A.F. Mix) featuring Ice-T, Doughphresh Da Don, Penn St8" Rj Payne - If Cocaine Could Talk 7, 2022: "two skits (tracks 1 and 5) by Ice-T as Scotty Appleton" "New Jack City" concept EP of sorts Megadeth - The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!, 2022: "Night Stalkers featuring Ice-T" Roc Marciano and The Alchemist - The Elephant Man's Bones, 2022: "The Horns of Abraxas featuring Ice-T" Lionheart - Welcome To The West Coast III, 2022: "Live By The Gun featuring Ice-T" Murkemz - M2 Hitman, 2022: "Players Conversation featuring Ice-T" Kool Keith and Real Bad Man - Serpent, 2023: "Fire and Ice featuring Atmosphere and Ice-T" & "Battle featuring Ice-T" DJ Fraze One - The Throne, 2023: "Elijah Banx, Bishop Lamont, Fedie DeMarco, Jag, Ice-T - The Throne" King Tee - Thy Kingdom Come, 2023: "Ice-T - Intro" Kool Keith - Black Elvis 2, 2023: "The Formula featuring Marc Live and Ice-T" coming soon

live recordings: bootlegs pressed on physical media, some also digitally distributed

Rapmania - The Roots Of Rap 2CD, 1990 live recordings of Ice-T songs and studio recording a new all-star jam (Winds of Change), released a decade later Body Count - Live in Detroit - 1992 Body Count - Live in Los Angeles, 1993 Body Count - Live in Scotland, 1994 Ice-T - Live in Europe (Gang Culture) - 1995 Ice-T - Live at Reading Festival - 1996 SMG (Sex, Money and Gunz) - Repossession Live DVD, 2002 Body Count - Smokeout Festival, 2003 released on DVD in 2005, on CD in 2013 and digitally (and properly remastered) in 2020. Body Count - Live in L.A. DVD, 2004 Body Count - Murder for Hire DVD, 2004 released a year later, this marks the BC reunion tour '04s Body Count - Live in Amsterdam, 2006 Ice-T - Live In Montreux, 2006 Body Count - Live at Pinkpop, 2015

work outside of music

only a few outstanding projects are listed here.
for Ice-T's/Tracy Marrow's role as actor, host, producer and other things in the film business and reality TV stuff, check IMDb Mr. T.'s Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool! (film/home video), 1984 Ice-T co-wrote/arranged/coached Mr. T.'s rap songs Ice-T - The Ice Opinion (book and audiobook on 3CD), 1994 co-written with Heidi Siegmund 2Pac - Temptations (music video), 1995 as Tupac Shakur was jailed, Ice-T played a prominent role in the music video for the song Players (TV series), 1997-1998 Ice-T co-created the series in which he has also co-starred Ice-T and Douglas Century - Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-from South Central to Hollywood (book), 2012 no audiobook this time Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap (film), 2012 hiphop documentary directed by Ice-T and Andy Baybutt

related works by other people

Beatmaster V - The Beat Album: Dope Beats and Drum Fills, 1992 vinyl EP containing solo drums from a couple Body Count songs Bronx Boys - Mutterficker: Fick deine Mutter!, 1995 German crossover band covered "Body Count" and "Cop Killer" with new/translated lyrics Darlene Ortiz and Heidi Cuda - Definition of Down: My Life with Ice-T and the Birth of HipHop, 2015 book by Ice's former long time girlfriend

notes + references/sources/tools

tracks that cover or use a mere samples from Ice-T's original songs are omitted Discogs, OHHLA, AllMusic, Spotify, Google, own research (Body Count CORNER)